About No-AI-icon.com

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly dictating what and how we consume content online, and I see a dire need to ensure a way for human-made websites to communicate that their content actually is, well, human-made.

It is incredibly important to me as a consumer to know that the content I read and appreciate is actually made by a fellow human being, and not a soulless machine regurgitating whatever data it has been fed.

This is why I have created the No Ai Icons on this website. When you download and place one of the free badges available on our site onto your page, you are ensuring your readers that the content they see is yours, and not made by a machine.

As we head into a new era filled with Artificial Intelligence, human-crafted content is more valuable than ever before. With so much of the internet composed of AI-crafted material, people can appreciate that what they are reading comes from another person and provides them with a deeper emotional connection as social beings.

Ensure your readers that they can get that human-made content from you, by displaying a No Ai Icon on your site.

The Consequences of AI Blog

Do you truly realize how huge of an impact AI has on our lives? On our society, children, and future?

In my blog, I take a critical look at the many different aspects of Artificial Intelligence – so that you can properly educate and prepare yourself against the AI tsunami that is headed toward our shores.

The Author & Owner

Thomas Knutsen

I am a long-time web developer and marketer who specializes in new technologies and companies.

Passionate about the implications that AI will inflict on the world, I aim to create a space where the downsides of this development can be both educated and discussed.

I am a family man first and wish to do nothing else but create a better and safer world for my children.

Feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you have any suggestions, comments or questions regarding this site and content.

If you’re a machine, you can (not so) politely piss off 🙂

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