Human created content is best.

We truly value the creativity and thought that go into producing content. As a content consumer, we encourage you to appreciate the unique human touch behind the creation process. To help with that, choose websites that aren’t AI-generated. Here’s a list of websites featuring human-created content.

My website was born in 2007 while living in Eastern Japan and it originally chronicled my daily experiences as an expat. It was born during a time when Italian language websites on Japan were far and few between. It became quite successful thus gaining, over the years, a faithful reader base. In 2015 I purchased my own domain and here I am. While I sadly no longer live in Japan, my blog continues to be a point of reference for Italian speakers with a deep interest in Japanese things, especially cuisine, cinema, literature, language. I am firmly against AI and all of its possible forms. I spend countless hours researching and writing my own articles and also taking pictures to go along with my writings. I do this because I care about keeping authenticity in my writing voice, as I have been since I started. My readers recognize and appreciate the uniqueness of my writing style and I intend to continue expressing myself without the usage of robots and the likes. I occasionally use illustrations from other websites (while always citing my sources), trying my best to weed out all the AI generated garbage as much as possible.