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100% human created content badge. Black or white.

An icon verifying that all your content is 100% human made.

Clean AI-prohibition sign

Icon clearly stating that no AI was involved with the content on your site.

100% human created content badge with checkmark

A checkmark icon verifying that all your content is 100% human made.

no-robotS involved

The robot symbolizes AI and can be a more jovial way to make the statement that no AI was involved in the creation of your content.

Human Brain creativity icon

This badge shows that it was 100% human creativity that was responsible for the content on your website.

Clean MAde by humans information sign

Add value to your content by showing off this badge, clearly stating that your content was created by a human.

prohibition sign

Our signature logo showing that no AI is used past this point.


This badge shows that a real life person with a real life brain created the content on your site.


A more direct stop sign-looking icon to state that no AI was apart of the content on your site.

Thomas Knutsen


The mission

I believe people should always be able to know if the content they consume is made by humans or Artificial Intelligence.

Research shows that both people and search engines prefer human-made content to AI-generated, yet with the recent AI-boom it can be hard for the average Joe to differentiate between the two.

That is why I’ve created these NO AI badges, so that the consumers of your written content, art, books, images and movies  can always recognize the true value behind it.

Human-created content is clearly worth more, so ensure that the world knows what you’ve produced is yours.


While AI can certainly produce content that is accurate and grammatically correct, it lacks the creativity, nuance, and understanding of the human experience that make human-generated content so valuable.

That is why most people prefer to read or see content created by humans, and why it is so much more valuable than AI.

One of the key advantages of human-generated content is its ability to convey emotion and empathy. A skilled writer can use language to evoke specific emotions in the reader, whether it’s a sense of awe at the beauty of nature or empathy for a character’s struggles. This emotional depth is difficult for AI to replicate, as it lacks the ability to truly understand the complexities of human emotion and experience.

Yes! The icons will always be free to use, as long as they are linked to the statement. 

In a world that is currently being taken over by AI, I believe that it is crucial we protect human-created content in any way can, and these "Human created content" badges are a small contribution towards that goal. By using these icons, people can easily identify and recognize the content that has been created by humans and understand its value.

Yes, there are certainly many good use cases for AI tools, such as using AI as a personal assistant or for grammar control. However, what I don't like is when the content is created by AI machines and presented as if it were created by humans. Your content should be the product of your own ideas, experiences and expertise - and not the result of good prompt-building.

We check. Most of the time I can recognize if your content is AI-generated right away, but I also use tools like AI detector. If you are using AI-created content on a page and use the NO AI icon you are violating our terms and will be forced to remove the badge.

Yes you can. But credit no-ai-icon in the copyright page.

You get the icons both in PNG and SVG format. They all have transparent backgrounds. 

Yes you can.
For example, if you want a different color to match the style of your site. 
If you want us to make the icon in a different color, send us an email to [email protected]

AI is taking over images online and it's NOT a good thing. Most people want to see real images or human-created creativity when it comes to art. If you have human-created photos or art you can absolutely use the icons and link to the statement. 

Why human created content is better for SEO and you human audience

  1. Originality and Authenticity: One of the core principles of Google’s search algorithm is to prioritize original and authentic content. Human writers tend to bring unique perspectives, experiences, and emotions to their content.

  2. User Experience: Google’s primary goal is to provide users with the best possible search experience. Human-generated content is more likely to resonate with human readers

  3. Complexity of Human Thought: While AI can generate content based on patterns and data, it might not capture the nuances, cultural references, and complexities of human thought and emotion. This leads to content that feels generic or lacks depth.

  4. Quality Control: AI-generated content can sometimes produce inaccuracies or nonsensical statements, even if they sound plausible. Human editors and writers are more likely to catch these errors and ensure the content’s accuracy. Google will also most likely see AI generated factual errors.

  5. SEO Manipulation: When AI-generated content becomes widely used, the internet will be flooded with low-quality, keyword-stuffed content to manipulate search rankings. Preferring human-generated content can act as a deterrent against such practices.

  6. Economic and Social Implications: Prioritizing human-generated content can support jobs and the economy. If AI-generated content were to replace human writers en masse, it could have significant economic and social repercussions.

  7. Trustworthiness: Users trust human-generated content more. Google would want to prioritize content that its users find trustworthy.

  8. Encouraging Human Creativity: By letting people get the option to prioritize human-generated content, leads to, indirectly, more creativity, research, and the development of new ideas. This will be beneficial for society as a whole.

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